Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bit of butter PAT
Coffee vessel URN
Bronx cheer RAZZ
Exam format ORAL
Cattle call MOO
Notion IDEA
Formerly ONCE
— de deux PAS
Turf-war side GANG
Bath sponge (Var.) LOOFA
Opulent RICH
Country singer McGraw TIM
Corpulent ROTUND
Self-indulgent "journey" EGOTRIP
Seized vehicle REPO
Rep.’s rival DEM
"The Music Man" setting IOWA
Bloodsucker LEECH
Official pardon AMNESTY
Actor Gibson MEL
Soon, poetically ANON
"Strange as it seems …" ODDLY
Hoedown site BARN
Pirate’s chart MAP
Canal of song ERIE
With (Fr.) AVEC
Leading lady? EVE
Saturn feature RING
Hereditary unit GENE
Bottom line NET
Wooden pin PEG
Combine POOL
Florence’s river ARNO
Mexican entree TACO
Bellow ROAR
Respectful denial NOSIR
Reggie Jackson or Babe Ruth RIGHTFIELDER
Oklahoma city ADA
Buddhist sect ZEN
Abrupt turn ZAG
Melody AIR
Bill’s partner COO
Central MID
Sci-fi vehicles UFOS
Salamander NEWT
Wagon DRAY
Perry’s creator ERLE
Pop music’s Bee — GEES
Oil cartel OPEC
Royal insomnia cause PEA
"Tasty!" MMM
Chick’s mom HEN
Prefix with natal NEO
U.S. voters since 1920 WOMEN
Cathedral area NAVE
Plumbing problem DRIP
Queue LINE
Safecracker YEGG
Satchel BAG
St. crosser AVE
Stimpy’s pal REN
Favorite PET