Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers August 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Soccer star Mia HAMM
First victim ABEL
Hotel amenity SPA
Location AREA
Style MODE
Sushi fish EEL
Object of a futile chase WILDGOOSE
Mao — -tung TSE
Daytona 500 acronym NASCAR
Daphnis’ love CHLOE
While AS
Mackerel relative WAHOO
Skydive JUMP
Jazzy style BOP
"As I see it," in a text IMO
Ram’s mate EWE
— Lanka SRI
Sharp tooth FANG
Free (of) RID
Bartlett, for one PEAR
Canyon GORGE
"Greetings!" HI
Repeat verbatim QUOTE
Aerie newborn EAGLET
Dos preceder UNO
Awestruck AGOG
— Major URSA
"The Raven" writer POE
Physique BODY
Abound TEEM
Actress Goldie HAWN
Met melody ARIA
"Alice" diner MELS
Wild and crazy MADCAP
Latin love AMOR
Scary cry BOO
Mag. staff EDS
Bloodsucker LEECH
Mexican money PESO
Sheltered ALEE
Cooking fuel GAS
Explanation HOW
"Holy cow!" WOWIE
Lacked originality APED
Skippy rival JIF
Actress Thurman UMA
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is one MONGOOSE
Floating ice mass BERG
Man-mouse link ORA
Fragrant tree FIR
Understood GOT
Eat an entire pizza, say PIGOUT
Detox center REHAB
"2001" computer HAL
Witticism QUIP
Golden rule word UNTO
Like custard EGGY
Traditional tales LORE
Being, to Brutus ESSE
Squad TEAM
In the past AGO
Affirmative action? NOD