Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers August 23rd 2017

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Clue Solution
— Lanka SRI
Cote calls BAAS
Reedy THIN
Calendar abbr. NOV
"Oops!" UHOH
German car name AUDI
Ms. Thurman UMA
Site of Mackinac Island LAKEHURON
Hackneyed BANAL
Use a shovel DIG
Wagers BETS
Massachusetts BAYSTATE
Actress Hatcher TERI
Latin 101 word AMO
Varieties SORTS
Flight stat ALT
Belgrade resident SERB
Fish with a prehensile tail SEAHORSE
Sly one SNEAK
Begged PLED
Ultramodernist NEO
Prepared READY
Selling point of a beach house OCEANVIEW
Churchill gesture VEE
Withdraw gradually WEAN
"That’s — need to know" ALLI
Unwell ILL
Asta’s mistress NORA
Boxer Spinks LEON
Quick swim DIP
Rebuff SNUB
Capital of Italia ROMA
Terrible guy? IVAN
Ammunition BULLETS
"Eureka!" AHA
Fine, to NASA AOK
Lean-to SHED
Instructed TAUGHT
"Ben- —" HUR
Altar affirmative IDO
Diarist Anaïs NIN
That man’s HIS
Tummy muscles ABS
New Mexico resort TAOS
Throat affliction STREP
Bring up REAR
Web addresses URLS
Take the bait BITE
Low range BASS
Prayer ender AMEN
Days gone by YORE
List-ending abbr. ETAL
Williams’ paint partner SHERWIN
Potassium source BANANA
Poem of praise ODE
Boxer Norton KEN
Ellipse OVAL
Eager AVID
Sub shop DELI
Canine cry YELP
Have OWN
Corp. boss CEO
Hearing thing EAR
— -de-France ILE
"Xanadu" band ELO