Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers August 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Artist Chagall MARC
Flow out EBB
Theatergoer’s souvenir STUB
Sheltered ALEE
Miss Piggy’s pronoun MOI
"Yes —?" ORNO
Go yachting SAIL
Group of seals POD
Primary MAIN
Movie theater CINEMA
Scooted RAN
Golfer Ernie ELS
Like venison GAMY
"18 or older" provision AGELIMIT
Yale grad ELI
Press for payment DUN
"Rocks" ICE
Dazzle STUN
Weep CRY
Slugger’s stat RBI
"You Can’t — Again" GOHOME
Soft fabric VELVET
Paradise EDEN
By way of VIA
Narc’s measure KILO
Anger RILE
Dig in EAT
Coup d’ — ETAT
Blend MELD
SSW opposite NNE
Zilch NONE
Fem. counterpart MASC
Jai — ALAI
Check REIN
Bloody Mary garnish CELERY
Mexican entree EMPANADA
Scary cry BOO
Auction actions BIDS
Mogadishu resident SOMALI
Skeletal BONY
Bell or Barker MA
Cartoon frame CEL
Jewel GEM
"The Greatest" ALI
"Gone With the Wind" author MITCHELL
Belly GUT
Hosp. area ICU
Sawbuck TEN
Pressed IRONED
Workout venue GYM
Soft and lustrous SILKEN
Exist BE
Bacterium GERM
Garfield’s pal ODIE
Divisible by two EVEN
Corleone patriarch VITO
Flair ELAN
Carry TOTE
Author Fleming IAN