Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers August 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Shower bars? SOAPS
Clean air org. EPA
Tummy muscles ABS
Barbarian of film CONAN
"Mayday!" SOS
Allow LET
Ancient Greek region IONIA
"Les Misérables" girl COSETTE
Hebrew prophet ELIJAH
Busy insect ANT
Napkin’s place LAP
’50s Ford EDSEL
Lavish party FETE
Prefix with surgeon NEURO
Noon or midnight TWELVE
Dillydally DAWDLE
Eightsome OCTAD
Thailand, once SIAM
Show again REAIR
Buddhist sect ZEN
Weaponry ARMS
Flashing disco light STROBE
Chemistry lab tube PIPETTE
Aquarium favorite TETRA
Hockey surface ICE
Fun and games REC
Be a snitch RATON
June honoree DAD
Boom times UPS
Adversary ENEMY
Biol., e.g. SCI
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
Bening of "American Beauty" ANNETTE
Sandbox toy PAIL
Slow mover SNAIL
Milne bruin POOH
Ninny ASS
Choir members ALTOS
Davis of "Jezebel" BETTE
Bridge material STEEL
Singer Jackson JANET
Astern AFT
Up-to-date NEW
Epoch ERA
Plaza Hotel girl ELOISE
Milk dispenser UDDER
TiVo precursor VCR
Set in a kitchen DINETTE
Asian language LAO
911 responder EMT
Montezuma’s people AZTECS
Speedy RAPID
Writer Jong ERICA
Pumped (up) AMPED
— Dame NOTRE
Dance move STEP
Noggin BEAN
Capote nickname TRU
Computer acronym ROM
Whatever ANY