Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers February 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Filches ROBS
Tank filler GAS
"Hey, you!" PSST
Life story OBIT
Swelled head EGO
In — (even) ATIE
Dodge with footwork SIDESTEP
Blend MELD
Affirmatives YESES
Zoo heavyweights HIPPOS
Riga resident LETT
Taxi CAB
Firsties DIBS
Killer whale ORCA
iPhone download APP
Epoch ERA
Hunter in the sky ORION
"Evita" narrator CHE
WWII servicewoman WAC
Use a sponge WIPE
Related AKIN
"— -Tiki" KON
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
Just say no REFUSE
Tea sweetener SUGAR
Right angles ELLS
Record’s reverse FLIPSIDE
Landed ALIT
"Mazel —!" TOV
"Zounds!" EGAD
Agents, for short REPS
Sauce source SOY
Darkens DIMS
Optimistic ROSY
Theater award OBIE
Auction actions BIDS
Braces (oneself) STEELS
Retrieve GET
Bio stat AGE
Former frosh SOPH
Argentine grassland PAMPA
Move to the rear STEPBACK
Missile shelter SILO
Turner and Danson TEDS
Compass dir. SSE
Volunteer’s words ICAN
Actress Spelling TORI
Nonsense TRIPE
Morning moisture DEW
401(k) alternative IRA
Gymnast’s move BACKFLIP
Not single-sex COED
Greek consonant PHI
Corral PEN
Tickled AMUSED
Expels OUSTS
Nile biter ASP
Caboose REAR
Vogue rival ELLE
New newts EFTS
Leslie Caron role GIGI
Genesis name ADAM
Cincinnati team REDS
Brit’s restroom LOO
Wall climber IVY