Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers February 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Community spirit ETHOS
Lobbying org. PAC
Resistance unit OHM
Handed out hands DEALT
Kimono closer OBI
Kanga’s kid ROO
Marsh plant SEDGE
"Chilean" fish SEABASS
Numbered rds. RTES
Street address? BRO
Trio after R STU
Run-down SEEDY
"That hurts!" OUCH
Bert’s roomie ERNIE
Turkey’s capital ANKARA
Sagittarius symbol ARCHER
Honeycomb compartments CELLS
Injure HARM
Quick looks PEEKS
Actor McKellen IAN
Author Deighton LEN
Pivot SLUE
Trattoria desserts GELATI
Pickled fish HERRING
Feelings, informally VIBES
Yucatan year ANO
Prompt CUE
Reunion attendees ALUMS
Existed WAS
Enterprise letters USS
Riga residents LETTS
Mag. staff EDS
Golf peg TEE
Smoked fish HADDOCK
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Rose parts STEMS
One who puts on airs POSEUR
Genesis shepherd ABEL
Spy org. CIA
Emulate Lincoln ORATE
Cheated, slangily HOSED
Unlike a rolling stone? MOSSY
Rifle part BREECH
Large snake BOA
Skedaddle RUN
Knight’s address SIR
Website invader HACKER
Twangy NASAL
Scale members RES
Flatfish HALIBUT
Before ERE
Pres. after LBJ RMN
Feudal lords LIEGES
"Hogwash!" PSHAW
Supreme Court Justice Kagan ELENA
Continental cash EUROS
Fleet-related NAVAL
Wildebeests GNUS
Scrabble piece TILE
Hosp. area ICU
Ambulance VIP EMT
Snake’s warning SSS