Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers June 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Medics DOCS
Silent MUM
Slanted type (Abbr.) ITAL
Employ USE
Composer Porter COLE
Scarecrow STRAWMAN
Jazz phrase RIFF
Spider’s creation COBWEB
Steam baths SAUNAS
NBC sketch show SNL
Calendar entry (Abbr.) APPT
Soak (up) SOP
Media mogul Turner TED
Gantry of fiction ELMER
Mr. Kringle KRIS
Bro or sis SIB
Lawman Wyatt EARP
The Gem State IDAHO
Wee dollop DAB
"Platoon" locale NAM
On deck NEXT
Promptly NOW
Yogi’s little pal BOOBOO
Exhausts DRAINS
— mater ALMA
Many a guard dog DOBERMAN
Withdraw gradually WEAN
Music’s Yoko ONO
Conn of "Grease" DIDI
Protracted LONG
Gender SEX
Cinch SNAP
Platter DISC
"Beetle Bailey" dog OTTO
Sugar or starch, for short CARB
Cabbage salads SLAWS
Speaks unclearly MUMBLES
Mex. neighbor USA
High-IQ group MENSA
Moral principle SCRUPLE
Go-to person POINTMAN
— Romeo ALFA
Boxing arbiters REFS
Departed WENT
Gorilla APE
Enjoy Aspen SKI
California fort ORD
Billy Joel hit PIANOMAN
Carried out DID
Notable time ERA
Spinning stat RPM
The whole — (everything) SHEBANG
Smallish ballpark BANDBOX
Tic-tac-toe loser OXO
Drill BORE
Fusses TODOS
Hospital sections WARDS
Cry like a baby BAWL
Bread spread OLEO
Poker player’s words IMIN
Zilch NADA
Use scissors SNIP
Inseparable ONE