Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers March 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Mamas’ mates PAPAS
"Nothing but net" sound SWISH
Tire-kicking area CARLOT
Dawn-to-dusk ALLDAY
Bearish URSINE
Feathery wrap BOA
Feudal workers SERFS
Insult, slangily DIS
Old U.S. gas brand ESSO
Bloke GENT
Illuminated LITUP
Sneeze cause ALLERGY
Museum-funding org. NEA
Poetic dusk EEN
Like a real estate deal with no mortgage ALLCASH
Squabbles TIFFS
Grimace MOUE
Young seal PUP
Author Wiesel ELIE
Lab eggs OVA
Berth places PIERS
Blackbird ANI
Look-alike RINGER
The — Brothers Band ALLMAN
Tolerate ENDURE
Played at a casino GAMED
Basilica areas APSES
First female Speaker of the House PELOSI
"Finally!" ATLAST
Prof’s degree PHD
Very small batteries AAAS
More cagey SLYER
Minor melee SCUFFLE
Armed conflicts WARS
Apr. addressee IRS
Small burger SLIDER
Sharpening HONING
Irritable TESTY
Actor Stephen REA
Pound fraction OUNCE
Bottled spirit? GENIE
Shell game item PEA
Allow LET
Had high hopes ASPIRED
Love, Italian-style AMORE
Angola’s capital LUANDA
Shade HUE
Blazing, on a dessert menu FLAMBE
Big exams FINALS
Parisian river SEINE
"The Devil Wears —" PRADA
Father (Fr.) PERE
Openhanded hit SLAP
Wrigley product GUM
Scale abbr. LBS