Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Japanese sash OBI
Twitches TICS
Campaigned RAN
Medicinal plant ALOE
Lighten EASE
Solvency source CASHFLOW
Say it’s so AVER
Lummoxes OAFS
Coffee add-in CREAM
Slugger Sosa SAMMY
Quarrel SPAT
— Christian Andersen HANS
Daytime TV fare TALKSHOW
"Entourage" role ARI
Daphnis’ love CHLOE
— -de-France ILE
London airport HEATHROW
Subject, usually NOUN
Prom dresses GOWNS
Underneath BELOW
Bailiwick AREA
Oodles ALOT
Strong current UNDERTOW
Biography LIFE
Labyrinth MAZE
Shade HUE
Gym pads MATS
Quick look PEEK
Help AID
Tolkien monster ORC
Sheepish remark BAA
Inability to sleep INSOMNIA
Stretchy candy TAFFY
Misfortunes ILLS
Bill’s partner COO
Stitch SEW
Vital organs HEARTS
Roof overhang EAVE
Cruising ASEA
Salon request PERM
Easter entrees HAMS
Birthday party must-have CAKE
Persian bigwig SHAH
Swiss river AARE
Stylist’s shop SALON
Oxen’s burden PLOW
Drive-— window THRU
Longfellow subject HIAWATHA
Actress Lena OLIN
Saturates WETS
Govt. securities TNOTES
Afrikaner BOER
From Athens GREEK
Soother BALM
Lamb alias ELIA
Barn storage area LOFT
Wood-shaping tool ADZE
Scot’s refusal NAE
French "yes" OUI
Marry WED