Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Dieter’s lunch SALAD
Treated with malice SPITED
California beach city MALIBU
Cantankerous ORNERY
Rx amount DOSAGE
Compared to THAN
Muffin choice BRAN
"Mayday!" SOS
Marquis de — SADE
Hiatus GAP
School support org. PTA
Brazen BOLD
Fly high SOAR
Embroidered sampler phrase HOMESWEETHOME
Sketched DREW
Christen NAME
Veto NIX
— Aviv TEL
Lays down the lawn SODS
"Keep it down!" SHH
"Yeah, right" IBET
IRS employees CPAS
Purchase PAYFOR
Figures of speech IDIOMS
Bearish URSINE
Walking ONFOOT
Carpenter’s supply NAILS
Utah ski resort ALTA
Property claims LIENS
Copper head? ABE
Oversimplify DUMBDOWN
Fizzy drink SODA
Connections INS
Sugar measure TEASPOON
Salon jobs DYES
Ran into MET
Liberate RELEASE
Sit-up targets ABS
Bonfire residue ASH
Third degree? PHD
Rocky peak TOR
February gemstone AMETHYST
Reduction in rank DEMOTION
"— Blue?" AMI
Actor Harrison REX
Lamb’s dam EWE
Danson of "Cheers" TED
They have their pride LIONS
"Star Trek" genre SCIFI
Tater SPUD
Tortoise’s opponent HARE
Author Harte BRET
Combine POOL
Hebrew prophet AMOS
Bygone jet SST
"A pox upon thee!" FIE
Genetic stuff DNA