Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Actor LaBeouf SHIA
German pronoun ICH
Apple tablet IPAD
Go by PASS
Gun lobby org. NRA
Move, in Realtor-speak RELO
Beehive State UTAH
Bottom line SUMTOTAL
Cover anew, as a gift REWRAP
"Truman" actor Gary SINISE
Graph line AXIS
Cambridge sch. MIT
Spent July and August (in) SUMMERED
"Arrivederci!" CIAO
"— Were a Rich Man" IFI
Painter of ballerinas DEGAS
Have debts OWE
Pear variety BOSC
Called for SUMMONED
Pester NAG
Heroic verse EPOS
Rang up PHONED
Urging (on) EGGING
Like some Indonesian coffee SUMATRAN
Sandwich treat OREO
Santa’s ride SLED
St. crosser AVE
Yemen neighbor OMAN
O’Hara estate TARA
Bankroll WAD
See socially DATE
Incite SPUR
Abhor HATE
Caesar’s "vidi" ISAW
Hindu retreat ASHRAM
Encourages INSPIRES
French vineyard CRU
Easter entrees HAMS
"Sad to say …" ALAS
Hand (out) DOLE
Director Burton TIM
Fired AXED
Musical transition SEGUE
Bro or sis SIB
E.T.’s craft UFO
Incorrect term MISNOMER
Moistened DAMPENED
Bedazzle AWE
British ref. work OED
Urban haze SMOG
Manitoba’s land CANADA
CBS newsman Charles OSGOOD
Retrieve GET
"Hey, you!" PSST
Luau dance HULA
Sketch DRAW
Cookbook author Rombauer IRMA
Vanished GONE
Gardner of film AVA