Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Blend MELD
Weep CRY
Bargain DEAL
"Garfield" dog ODIE
Fish eggs ROE
"Othello" villain IAGO
Chorus syllables LALA
Certain Arab state EMIRATE
Starts the bidding OPENS
"The Simpsons" bartender MOE
"The Bells" author POE
Beach accessory TOWEL
Catherine, notably EMPRESS
Discoverer’s call OHO
"Mayday!" SOS
Camp bed COT
"Nature" essayist EMERSON
— Island RHODE
Granola grain OAT
Sundial numeral III
Leg bone FEMUR
Trade ban EMBARGO
Love and hate EMOTIONS
Skater Lipinski TARA
"Clair de —" LUNE
Caustic solution LYE
"Topaz" author URIS
Despot TSAR
Chow down EAT
Faxed SENT
Burrowing critter MOLE
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
Leslie Caron film LILI
"Heavens!" DEARME
El Greco’s birthplace CRETE
Apple variety ROME
"Uh-huh" YEP
Bum wrap? DIAPER
Lighten EASE
Opposite of "fer" AGIN
Privation LOSS
Basketball target HOOP
"You’ve got mail" co. AOL
Evening hrs. PMS
Water tester TOE
Resistance unit OHM
Misery WOE
A billion years EON
Green prefix ECO
Lay down the lawn SOD
Sault — Marie STE
Drunkard SOT
Wi-Fi supplier ROUTER
Ganges wrap SARI
Tease RIB
"No more for me, thanks" IMSET
Fedora fabric FELT
Flightless birds EMUS
"— Lisa" MONA
New Age singer ENYA
Exceptional RARE
Cheshire countenance GRIN
Brewer’s kiln OAST
Flamenco cheer OLE