Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Knight’s address SIR
Humdrum BLAH
— Hari MATA
One of us YOU
Exceptional RARE
"As — saying …" IWAS
Party drink made with Bacardi RUMPUNCH
Make fun of MOCK
Partner MATE
Big knives BOLOS
Use the rink SKATE
Corp. kingpins CEOS
Perukes WIGS
Type of soup ALPHABET
Pub order ALE
More furtive SLIER
Egypt’s cont. AFR
Regarding ASTO
Abhor HATE
Singer Elliott MISSY
Be a poor winner GLOAT
Hourglass fill SAND
Deserve EARN
Broad range SPECTRUM
Arduous journey TREK
Employ HIRE
Popular card game UNO
Get lippy SASS
Pro votes YEAS
Bumped into MET
Neighbor of Leb. SYR
Debtor’s letters IOU
Searches haphazardly RUMMAGES
Crude dude BRUTE
Bowling spot LANE
Joan of — ARC
Sneaky laugh HEH
Orange juice and champagne MIMOSA
MP’s quarry AWOL
Mexican snack TACO
Requests ASKS
Light touches PATS
Physicist Niels BOHR
Trade SWAP
Narc’s measure KILO
"Crazy" singer Patsy CLINE
Duel tool EPEE
Oodles ALOT
Large percussion instrument BASSDRUM
New newts EFTS
Helen’s home TROY
Lovers’ quarrel SPAT
"Merci!" THANKS
"— She Sweet" AINT
Spiked clubs MACES
Understands GETS
Zhivago’s love LARA
Raw minerals ORES
Antitoxins SERA
Bashful SHY
Chart format PIE
French article UNE
Witticism MOT