Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers October 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Prior night EVE
Bottom line SUM
Hideaways LAIRS
Big shot VIP
Inseparable ONE
Vowel group AEIOU
Mag. staff EDS
Whole grain dish BROWNRICE
"The Matrix" role NEO
Stitched SEWED
Mausoleum TOMB
Ninny ASS
City district WARD
Snaky fish EEL
Three times THRICE
Diving ducks TEALS
Sir’s counterpart MADAM
Do a film editor’s job SPLICE
Sound booster AMP
Hardy cabbage KALE
Like 43-Down LIL
Whack SWAT
Army doc MEDIC
Showtime rival HBO
Crockett and Tubbs’ show MIAMIVICE
Raggedy doll ANN
Bad lighting? ARSON
Texas tea OIL
Pants part LEG
Unclothed NAKED
Wrestling surface MAT
Hosp. areas ERS
Occurrence EVENT
YouTube offering VIDEO
English racetrack site EPSOM
Weeps SOBS
Fictitious UNREAL
Cat calls? MEOWS
Hit the runway LAND
— Lingus AER
Sundial numeral III
Sinbad’s bird ROC
Take to court SUE
Left on a map WEST
Prove untrue BELIE
Under — (hidden) WRAPS
Succor AID
HDTV brand RCA
Rep.’s rival DEM
Computer key ESC
"Let me think …" HMM
"For shame!" TSK
Ecol. watchdog EPA
100% ALL
Mountain ht. ELEV
Singer Keys ALICIA
Figure of speech IDIOM
Sea spouter WHALE
Daisy Mae’s guy ABNER
Ice bucket accessory TONGS
Behave MIND
Ancient Brit CELT
Fortify MAN
Playwright Levin IRA
Request ASK
"The Simpsons" bartender MOE