Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers October 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Medico DOC
Wild party BASH
Florence’s river ARNO
Bond rating AAA
Hammett pooch ASTA
9-to-5 work period DAYSHIFT
Calendar quota YEAR
Greek H ETA
Hosp. areas ORS
Devious SLY
Part of TNT TRI
Single-celled organism MONAD
"Hi, sailor!" AHOY
Task JOB
Broad valley DALE
Deep-fried frank CORNDOG
Bacall’s love, informally BOGIE
Scrap ORT
Morning moisture DEW
He’s all wrapped up in himself MUMMY
Garden tool HOE
Here, in Dijon ICI
Twistable cookie OREO
Halloween outings HAYRIDES
Baltic Sea feeder ODER
Unwell ILL
Takeout order? DELE
Nobleman DUKE
"The Raven" writer POE
Shopper’s delight SALE
Test the waters WADE
Part of Q.E.D. ERAT
"May It Be" singer ENYA
Not neg. POS
Grocery section DAIRY
Lummoxes OAFS
Mouse chaser CAT
Building protrusion BAYWINDOW
Cruising ASEA
Jazz great Getz STAN
"Listen!" HARK
Contain HOLD
— Lanka SRI
"I totally understand!" SAYNOMORE
Bar bill TAB
Buddy MAC
Discoverer’s call OHO
Fish-fowl insert NOR
London mist FOG
Label TAG
Quarterback Manning ELI
Actress Ruby DEE
Scribble (down) JOT
Parched DRY
"Cheers" order BEER
Holmes’ creator DOYLE
Disposition MOOD
Pakistani language URDU
Timid MEEK
Angelic light HALO
Notion IDEA
Honeycomb compartment CELL
"Got it" ISEE
Trendy HIP
Egos’ counterparts IDS