Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers September 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Lion’s pride? MANE
Ginormous HUGE
Texter’s "Wow!" OMG
Portent OMEN
October birthstone OPAL
Standard PAR
CBS logo EYE
Buffet-table heater STERNO
"That’s not news to me" IKNOW
"Monopoly" square GO
Bach’s output MUSIC
Challenge DEFY
Entreat BEG
Appointment DATE
Here, to Henri ICI
Web address URL
Science room LAB
Sweet wine PORT
Hobbyist’s abbr. DIY
Painter Max ERNST
Therefore SO
"Holy cow!" WOWIE
Perfect place UTOPIA
Ms. Thurman UMA
Show pride STANDTALL
Erie Canal mule SAL
Frog’s kin TOAD
Big name in scat ELLA
NBC sketch show SNL
London district SOHO
He loved Lucy DESI
Mineral-hardness scale name MOHS
Latin 101 word AMAT
Actress Campbell NEVE
Vagrant HOBO
"— Lazy River" UPA
Cowboy’s sweetie GAL
Designer Perry ELLIS
Audition that anyone can attend OPENCALL
BLT spread MAYO
Got bigger GREW
Yucatan year ANO
Josh KID
Deserve MERIT
Unsightly UGLY
Quick swim DIP
Green prefix ECO
Protective software FIREWALL
Chums BUDS
Sigma follower TAU
Recede EBB
Numerical prefix TRI
Paid, as the bill FOOTED
Egg holders NESTS
Norm (Abbr.) STD
Yemen neighbor OMAN
Nullify UNDO
Ashen PALE
Misfortunes ILLS
Jai — ALAI
As well TOO
Sound of relief AAH