La Times Crossword Answers April 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tablet input DATA
Stick (on) PASTE
Groovy FAB
"The Quiet Man" co-star OHARA
Take in, maybe ALTER
Mauna __ LOA
Insensitive zealot? CADCRUSADER
Wine bottle figs. YRS
Asian capital HANOI
Where Gauguin painted "Woman With a Flower" TAHITI
Lays to rest INTERS
Eye parts RETINAS
Gung-ho RAHRAH
Concurrent with DURING
Poetic praise ODE
Like Mandarin Chinese, linguistically TONAL
’80s-’90s slugger Fielder CECIL
Popular wine region NAPA
Summer Triangle twinkler DENEB
All there SANE
Get rid of SCRAP
Rotation meas. RPM
Downgrade, maybe RERATE
Tot’s indigestion area TUMTUM
Grows periodically ACCRUES
Sad, on the Seine TRISTE
Sweater wool MOHAIR
Rodeo critter STEER
Item under a top BRA
Reprobate’s regular expense? SINNERSRENT
Funny pair? ENS
Like Mexico’s Pyramid of the Magician MAYAN
Whiskey option RYE
Rested SLEPT
Casual refusal … and, another way, a hint to this puzzle’s four longest answers NOPE
Bashful comrade? DOC
"I thought so!" AHA
1860s White House boy TAD
Tell, memorably ARCHER
Fronton game word ALAI
Kind of deviation: Abbr. STD
Unpredictable ERRATIC
Golf course equipment of the future? FLYINGCARTS
Big artery AORTA
Rationale BASIS
Genesis mount ARARAT
Like wild horses UNSHOD
Duncan of baking fame HINES
Shackles IRONS
Clay-court legend NADAL
What many golfers regularly engage in? THEPARCHASE
Yardstick RULER
Reel, for one DANCE
Fledgling launching spots NESTS
Feedback INPUT
"I wanna try!" LEMME
End of __ ANERA
Frying preparation BATTER
Self-evident actualities TRUISMS
Least spoiled PUREST
Ham’s accessory AERIAL
"The Queen" (2006) star MIRREN
Color in "America the Beautiful" AMBER
Like many bar jokes CORNY
Blow a fuse SNAP
Canvas shelter TENT
Actress Carrie who was married to Dick Cavett NYE
Skeletal opening? EXO
Toddler’s downtime NAP
Japanese market letters TSE