La Times Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Drop a line from the dock, say FISH
Normandy battle town STLO
Massage targets ACHES
Together, musically ADUE
Chips __!: cookies AHOY
Formal-sounding will? SHALL
Friends of man’s best friend DOGLOVERS
Columbus craft PINTA
For each one APIECE
Diving lake bird LOON
Knight’s title SIR
Sport involving some rolling on the grass LAWNBOWLING
QB-to-receiver six-pointer TDPASS
Rent-a-car giant AVIS
Landed ALIT
TV show shown before RERUN
Banned bug spray DDT
Forgetting the unpleasant parts SELECTIVEMEMORY
"Good" cholesterol initials HDL
Wishes HOPES
Sitting on ATOP
List of computer options MENU
"Movin’ right along … " ANYHOO
Tidy sum that doesn’t sound like much PRETTYPENNY
Overhead trains ELS
Steak order RARE
Contemporary radio station named for its former "easy listening" playlist LITEFM
Leaves out OMITS
Highway segment for slower traffic … and, literally, what 17-, 24-, 37- and 47-Across each has RIGHTLANE
Used up SPENT
"So THAT’S what you mean" ISEE
Physics particle ATOM
Bacon work ESSAY
Lysol target GERM
Drive-__ window THRU
Craze FAD
Knot-tying words IDO
Drug test placebo SUGARPILL
Beatles’ second film HELP
File-renaming command, at times SAVEAS
"Supernatural" network THECW
Oscar winner Sophia LOREN
Kvetching cries OYS
Nile snake ASP
Flu symptoms CHILLS
Asian capital HANOI
"Tiny Dancer" singer John ELTON
Much street talk SLANG
Many Rembrandts OILS
Squirrel away STASH
Loafed IDLED
Exposes BARES
Reproductive cell OVUM
Cellar reds and whites WINE
Gobbled down ATE
Tear to pieces RIPUP
New Year’s __ EVE
"Duh … figure it out!" DOTHEMATH
Slobber DROOL
Printing goofs TYPOS
Newscaster Huntley CHET
Broadway award TONY
Possibly will MAY
Medit. volcano MTETNA
Song before the game ANTHEM
Vladivostok veto NYET
Narrative writing PROSE
Boat launching aids RAMPS
Great Lakes natives ERIES
Beethoven dedicatee ELISE
Algeria neighbor NIGER
London apartment FLAT
Muddy pen STY
Fix, as a fight RIG
Neither here __ there NOR
Down Under bird EMU