La Times Crossword Answers April 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Valuable stone GEM
Hamilton and Burr, notably FOES
Find incredibly funny ROARAT
Word for a Latin lover AMO
Cookbook author Rombauer IRMA
Not certain UNSURE
Mom-and-pop stores SMALLBUSINESSES
Vietnam’s capital HANOI
Part of MST: Abbr. STD
FDR’s successor HST
Serpent’s tooth FANG
Irreverence IMPIETY
Alfalfa, Darla and friends, with "the" LITTLERASCALS
Biblical verb ending ETH
Quick hellos HIS
Curbs, with "in" REINS
Blackjack half ACE
"God bless us, every one!" Dickens character TINYTIM
Wedding notice word NEE
What hares and mares do RHYME
Long, long time EON
La Brea __ Pits TAR
Game with windmills, ramps and such MINIATUREGOLF
Coiffures HAIRDOS
Move, in real estate lingo RELO
Part of MST ESS
Tango maneuver DIP
Higher than ABOVE
Waterspout climber of song ITSYBITSYSPIDER
California’s San __: Hearst Castle locale SIMEON
Filming locales SETS
401(k) kin IRA
Six times cinq TRENTE
VCR insert TAPE
Gov. Cuomo’s domain NYS
Deep cut GASH
2016 Best Actress Stone of "La La Land" EMMA
Pained sound MOAN
Like a child’s love for a parent FILIAL
Heavenly sphere ORB
Grounded bird EMU
Fresh talk SASS
Pioneering hip-hop trio from Queens RUNDMC
Single ONE
Beast of burden ASS
Does without much thought RUSHESINTO
"Give it __!" AREST
Cantankerous TESTY
Barn storage space LOFT
"How sweet __!" ITIS
Classic grape soda NEHI
Smile that may be silly GRIN
Eggplant __: Italian entrée, briefly PARM
L’eau land? ILE
Shakespearean king with three daughters LEAR
Nagging desire ITCH
College freshman’s comment about why his parents call so often THEYMISSME
Until now ASYET
Patricia of "Hud" NEAL
Medieval laborer SERF
Take care of TEND
Vacation option TOUR
Memo heading INRE
Defunct Soviet space station MIR
First-aid fluid IODINE
"__ happens … " ASIT
Pass, as time ELAPSE
Mongolian desert GOBI
Bank holdup HEIST
No longer sleeping ASTIR
"Hey, get a load of this" PSST
Chief Norse god ODIN
Quite VERY
Significant periods ERAS
Kyoto cash YEN
Droid BOT
Positive vote YEA
Gas additive brand STP