La Times Crossword Answers August 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Hogwash!" PSHAW
Group selfie USIE
Hanes competitor BVD
Sierra __: Freetown’s country LEONE
Lace place SHOE
Take wing SOAR
High-altitude pilot’s equipment OXYGENMASK
Injection source, briefly HYPO
Fundraising school gp. PTA
Country singer McCoy NEAL
Tub for water BASIN
Cellphone setting during flights AIRPLANEMODE
Like the house in a Hawthorne classic GABLED
Elevate a golf ball TEEUP
Eye impertinently OGLE
Beer vessel STEIN
Genre with spoken lyrics RAP
"Nobody’s successful every time" YOUCANTWINEMALL
Cake candle count AGE
Hall of Fame pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Facts, for short INFO
Help desk prompt ASKME
"The Wind in the Willows" character with a "Wild Ride" at Disneyland MRTOAD
Fancy burger beef ANGUS
Rowing tools OARS
Baseball topper CAP
Author Silverstein SHEL
Postnuptial alteration, and a hint to each set of puzzle circles NAMECHANGE
Window ledge SILL
Patron saint of Norway OLAV
Fall zodiac sign LIBRA
Photo __: media events OPS
Get one’s feet wet WADE
Some fitness ctrs. YMCAS
Sit (down) unceremoniously PLOP
Send a racy message to SEXT
Georgetown athlete HOYA
"Hulk" director Lee ANG
Dog on a bun WEENIE
Hawaii and Alaska are usually inserts on one: Abbr. USMAP
"__ We Dance?" SHALL
iPhone platform IOS
"A mouse!" EEK
High-voiced choir lad BOYSOPRANO
Robotic aerial spy DRONE
SeaWorld orca SHAMU
Square one NERD
Designer Geoffrey BEENE
Knighted actor Guinness ALEC
Enjoyed home cooking ATEIN
Opposite of ja NEIN
"The Naked Maja" artist GOYA
In awe AGOG
Navy/Marines aerobatics squad BLUEANGELS
Florida univ. named for a canonized pope STLEO
Pan Am rival TWA
NATO alphabet word for "A" ALFA
Trudge PLOD
Egyptian crosses ANKHS
Alaskan seaport NOME
Catcher’s glove MITT
Racing shell SCULL
Cougar automaker, for short MERC
How a poor decision might be made RASHLY
Dogie catcher LASSO
Far from cool UNHIP
Wanderer NOMAD
Novelist Binchy MAEVE
"Mad Money" network CNBC
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Little veggies in pods PEAS
Right away NOW
In the style of ALA
Objective AIM