La Times Crossword Answers August 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Blue gem, briefly LAPIS
Units of electrical resistance OHMS
"You __ serious": "I don’t believe it" ARENT
When doubled, toy train sound CHOO
Actress Cusack JOAN
Bungle MISDO
Don’t have LACK
Number after dix ONZE
*Spider-Man’s alter ego PETERPARKER
DOJ anti-narcotics arm DEA
Gen-__: boomers’ kids XERS
Lustrous patterned fabric DAMASK
SOS responder USCG
Vain dresser FOP
Protestant minister PARSON
Leaving out OMITTING
Mined metal ORE
Pseudonym … and what the end of each answer to a starred clue is PENNAME
Texter’s guffaw LOL
Like shish kebab SKEWERED
A __: based on deduction rather than experience PRIORI
Family reunion attendees KIN
Be an omen of BODE
__ in the back: betray STAB
Prickly plant CACTUS
Burn soother ALOE
"Ben-__" HUR
*Striped African equine PLAINSZEBRA
Superstar IDOL
BMW competitor AUDI
Studio warning sign ONAIR
Sushi bar soup MISO
Bump in the night, say NOISE
Cancún cash PESO
Place for Girl Scout badges SASH
Furry sci-fi creatures EWOKS
End table accessory LAMP
Soul singer India.__ ARIE
Irksome one PEST
Reference aids in reference books INDEXES
Sock away STORE
Mercedes line of autos ECLASS
__-Pei: wrinkly dog SHAR
Small indentation POCK
Hitched together, as oxen YOKED
Spanish eye OJO
Perplexing passages MAZES
Tiptoe, say SNEAK
One shaping a rosebush PRUNER
Roof support RAFTER
Witty remark MOT
Long narrative poem EPOS
Chocolate option DARK
*Hellenic religious symbol GREEKCROSS
Apartment type CONDO
Start-the-day ABC talk show, familiarly GMA
"Let me in!" OPENUP
Drives forward IMPELS
"You’ve Got Mail" director Ephron NORA
Smooth-talking GLIB
Platte River st. NEB
Punster WIT
"Finally got it" ISEENOW
From Copenhagen, e.g. DANISH
Zoo primate CHIMP
WWII hero Murphy AUDIE
Reactions to fresh comments SLAPS
Depleted atmospheric layer OZONE
Luminous glow AURA
Mid-month date IDES
"Charles in Charge" actor Scott BAIO
Take a chance on RISK
Warring son of Zeus and Hera ARES
Lav, in Leeds LOO