La Times Crossword Answers December 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cushions for gymnasts MATS
Guard’s shout HALT
Rectangular Apple IPAD
Student’s repetitive cry with a raised hand OHOH
Sports page news TRADE
Gift-wrapping need CLEARTAPE
Country singer Steve EARLE
Rowdy crowds MOBS
"Mr. November," for Derek Jeter, e.g. MONIKER
Put pen to paper WRITE
Rep.’s campaign rival DEM
Title for a knight SIR
Home for a pride LIONSDEN
Genesis paradise EDEN
Exile island for Napoleon ELBA
Dance for which "it takes two" TANGO
JPEG relative GIF
Quotable boxer ALI
Duffer’s dream ACE
Air circulator FAN
Capital of Yemen SANAA
Large First Nations tribe CREE
"__ does it!" THAT
Meddling type of "driver" who’s not actually driving BACKSEAT
"Never heard of them" WHO
Golf great Ernie ELS
"Don’t sweat it!" RELAX
"Is that really your opinion?" THINKSO
Not wavering in the least SURE
TV host Lake RICKI
Garment fittingly represented by this puzzle’s circles OUTERWEAR
Signed in pen INKED
Leisurely gait TROT
Doing nothing IDLE
Bird’s snack SEED
Drinks slowly SIPS
Dragged to court SUED
Apple computer MAC
Every bit ALL
Little piggy TOE
Staying power STAMINA
Place of rapid growth HOTBED
Light-bulb moments AHAS
Prune, as a branch LOP
Unifying idea THEME
Aggressive poker table words IRAISE
Outdoor lot for cars PARKINGAREA
"Inferiority complex" coiner Alfred ADLER
Doe or stag DEER
Half a score TEN
Goes bad ROTS
Last Greek letter OMEGA
"O Pioneers!" author Cather WILLA
"Blurred Lines" singer ROBINTHICKE
Paternity test sites DNALABS
One of many that fall in the fall LEAF
School near Windsor ETON
Tiny speck DOT
Final Four org. NCAA
Mountaineer’s tool ICEAX
Thirds of a yard FEET
Civil War side: Abbr. CSA
Hall’s pop music partner OATES
Narnia creator CSLEWIS
Tooted one’s horn HONKED
Salad oil bottles CRUETS
Deborah of "The King and I" KERR
Complain with self-pity WHINE
Ransacks LOOTS
"Divergent" films heroine TRIS
Baby goat KID
"Enough!" STOP
School in the smallest U.S. state URI
End of a school address EDU
Malt beverage ALE
Color of most pomegranate seeds RED