La Times Crossword Answers December 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Brainiac EGGHEAD
Campus eatery, for short CAF
Flying Solo? HAN
Brewpub brew PALEALE
Auburn University home ALABAMA
#2 on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time CLAPTON
Burger bun flavorings SESAMES
Out-of-date OLD
Usual people in a roundup? SUSPECTS
Small dogs TOYS
Trafficking org. DEA
Insisted on it SAIDSO
Gaming rookie, in slang NOOB
"Treasure Island" author’s initials RLS
Six-sided state UTAH
Steinbeck’s "__ of Eden" EAST
Simple card game WAR
Pal of Sleepy DOC
"Taras Bulba" novelist Gogol NIKOLAI
Org. with Thunder and Heat NBA
Eggs in a lab OVA
Amino __ ACID
Chew (on) GNAW
Male bodybuilder HEMAN
Uncle, in Mexico TIO
Homecoming figure GRAD
Rock show venues ARENAS
U.K. country ENG
Palm smartphone TREO
Welcomers at the church door GREETERS
Car seller’s employer: Abbr. DLR
Like some celebrity memoirs TELLALL
Desperate DOORDIE
Salaries INCOMES
Composer Puccini GIACOMO
28-Down, essentially POD
Solid __ rock ASA
Steams up ENRAGES
Spaceship Earth locale EPCOT
Unit at the pumps GALLON
*Friendly words to departing guests GLADYOUCAME
Old-school "cool" HEP
Spoken ALOUD
More heavily populated DENSER
Attorney’s assignment CASE
Smart guys? ALECS
*Like medicine that works quickly FASTACTING
Smoked meat HAM
Zion Church letters AME
"One Mic" rapper NAS
Pasta sauce herb BASIL
*Extremely retro food regimen? PALEODIET
Drunkard SOT
Common yoga pose … and a hint to hidden names in the answers to starred clues DOWNWARDDOG
Former Swedish automaker SAAB
Southern veggie OKRA
*"Cruel Summer" band BANANARAMA
Mineo of movies SAL
Hyphenated fruit drink brand HIC
Droop SAG
Qatar’s capital DOHA
Young fox KIT
Hotel lobby hangings ART
Prefix with Saxon ANGLO
Nervous ONEDGE
Remove calcium deposits from DELIME
Tennis great Monica SELES
Area below the abdomen GROIN
Cookie bits in some Milka chocolate bars OREOS
"Born Free" lioness ELSA
Fly high SOAR
Gratuity TIP
Rock producer Brian ENO
HDTV choice LCD
HDTV brand RCA