La Times Crossword Answers December 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Not insignificant BIG
LeBron’s hometown AKRON
Pet food brand ALPO
Discontinued iPod model NANO
Saltine brand ZESTA
Action word VERB
Words after an estimate ORSO
Divisions politiques ETATS
Those, to Pablo ESOS
*Award-winning defense unit? TOPFORT
Sculler’s blade OAR
Capri suffix OTE
Trattoria menu suffix INI
Chaucer offering TALE
"Stagecoach," for one OATER
Birdcage feature PERCH
*Manchester hospital hookup? ENGLISHIV
Multichannel STEREO
Saturn SUV VUE
One of the Nereids IONE
*Either of a historic PGA pair? ARNIESARM
Neatnik’s opposite SLOB
Pioneering ISP AOL
Warm-weather wear SHORTS
*Enforcer of greenhouse gas restrictions? CARBONCOP
Three-time Wimbledon champ EVERT
Directive ORDER
One of the three bears PAPA
Mai __ TAI
Arctic coast explorer RAE
Consume EAT
Make smart remarks … and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues WISEOFF
Mosque figure IMAM
Big name in craft stores JOANN
Response to being slain, in texts? ROFL
Khartoum’s river NILE
"Would __?" ILIE
Notable deed GEST
Saratoga action RACES
PC panic button ESC
British nobleman BARONET
Motivate INSPIRE
Mess (up) GOOF
Korean sedan to be discontinued in the U.S. after 2017 AZERA
Whistling vessel KETTLE
Nation surrounding 10-Down: Abbr. RSA
Director Preminger OTTO
"Hidden Figures" org. NASA
"__ Maria" AVE
Enclaved African land LESOTHO
Tofu nutrient PROTEIN
Custom on some cruises NOTIPS
Multiple-choice choice OTHER
Louis XIV, par exemple ROI
Wrap around ENVELOP
"I, Robot" writer ASIMOV
Champion swimmer/actor Buster CRABBE
Director Van Sant GUS
Where ewes can hang out LEAS
__ even keel ONAN
Biennial games org. IOC
Flightless birds RHEAS
Making a touchdown SCORING
Metro area SSE of Casper LARAMIE
Major hassles ORDEALS
Updates the plant RETOOLS
Rush hour report topic TRAFFIC
Suppress STIFLE
Vein contents ORE
Plains tribe PAWNEE
Source of hard and soft lumber PINES
A bit cracked AJAR
Forum attire TOGA
Lackawanna’s lake ERIE
Ran into MET
__ welding ARC