La Times Crossword Answers December 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Yeah" UHHUH
Whack STAB
They’re corny COBS
Spaghetti Western director Sergio LEONE
Refine HONE
Spread for dinner, say OLEO
Request to go out, maybe ARF
Cease END
Mountain nymph OREAD
Form of love in Paris? AIME
Two loves of Homer POETRYANDMARGE
Implies GETSAT
One may accompany a finger snap IDEA
Small battery AAA
Mine entrance ADIT
Meddle PRY
Artist’s array OILS
Large brewer URN
Blunted blade EPEE
Two specialties of Spock LOGICANDBABIES
"Heartburn" novelist Ephron NORA
San Diego State athlete AZTEC
Advances LOANS
Chemical suffix ENE
Fertility clinic supply OVA
Two priorities of Blondie DAGWOODANDMUSIC
Between ports ASEA
Bridge site NOSE
Milk by-product WHEY
Oracle SEER
Entourage POSSE
It parallels the radius ULNA
Get wind of HEAR
Hurrying, with "it" HOTFOOTING
Acapulco article UNA
Cock and bull HES
Sterne’s Tristram SHANDY
Hopper on a pad TOAD
Gothic novelist Radcliffe ANN
Important place for good manners BEDSIDE
Pupil’s cover CORNEA
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Honey bunch BEES
Ground cover SOD
Soul mate? HEART
Feature of many a list COMMA
Common medical advice REST
In-flight info ETA
Name at the end of many a "60 Minutes" episode ANDY
MLB Network analyst Martinez PEDRO
Put on AIRED
What supply shortages often do RAISECOSTS
Big dos GALAS
Bridge column word EAST
Caesarean section? GAUL
Clinton transportation secretary Federico PENA
Tony relative OBIE
Low-price prefix ECONO
Service aces? PARSONS
Stunned DAZED
NYC dance troupe ABT
Kind of INAWAY
Stadium sign BANNER
Eye piece LASH
Arch type OGEE
Convenience EASE
Competes VIES
Bad marks in high school? ACNE
Margery of nursery rhymes DAW
Female antelope DOE
Floor cleaner MOP
Tabloid topic UFO