La Times Crossword Answers February 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
See 1-Down FOOD
Risk taker DARER
Minimally ATAD
He sang about Alice ARLO
Ooze with EXUDE
Bond’s first movie foe DRNO
Word with interest or service SELF
Lavin of "Alice" LINDA
Water retainer DIKE
*More than is wise TOAFAULT
River racers SCULLS
Rose of Guns N’ Roses AXL
Poetic pair COUPLET
*Luxury resort chain FOURSEASONS
"__ to leap tall buildings … " ABLE
"David Copperfield" villain HEEP
Cain, to Abel, informally SIB
*Dominated the election WONBYALANDSLIDE
Teachers’ org. NEA
Sufficient, to Shakespeare ENOW
Working hard ATIT
*Complete with ease SAILTHROUGH
Descends, as a rock wall RAPPELS
Fluke-to-be ROE
Worried UNEASY
Farewells … or, homophonically and read top to bottom, what the first words of the answers to starred clues represent? GOODBYES
Fly in the ointment SNAG
Fly-fishing catch TROUT
Tennis score LOVE
Floor piece TILE
"Maybe, just maybe" IHOPE
Big name in furniture IKEA
Clairvoyant SEER
Got by COPED
See 58-Down PENN
With 1-Across, Whoppers and McRibs, e.g. FAST
Embossed cookie OREO
Southwestern clay pot OLLA
Remove respectfully DOFF
First-class DELUXE
Squirt RUNT
Teacher’s deg. EDD
Thought (out) REASONED
Make sense ADDUP
Composer’s embellishment TRILL
Bracelet spot ANKLE
Biblical verb DOEST
Toy inserts usually not included AAS
Crescent points CUSPS
Either "The Man Who Wasn’t There" director COEN
Doe’s dear FAWN
Wind in a pit OBOE
Arm bone ULNA
Bull Run soldier REB
Over-the-shoulder garb SHAWL
In __: as placed SITU
"Understood," in hippie-speak IDIG
"Little Women" sister BETH
Verbal nods YESES
Kind of geometry ANALYTIC
"The Giver" novelist Lowry LOIS
Thai language LAO
Entertainers on the road TROUPE
Partner of hollered HOOTED
Wine choice RED
Reddish-brown colors RUSTS
Singer Lennox ANNIE
"Positive thinking" advocate PEALE
"Your table’s ready" signaler PAGER
Sticky stuff GOOP
Radar dot BLIP
Team connection YOKE
All tied up EVEN
With 68-Across, "Milk" Oscar winner SEAN
Letter after pi RHO