La Times Crossword Answers February 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Earth tone OCHER
Popular speaker BOSE
Unlike Wabash College COED
"Voilà!" THERE
Company with a Select Guest loyalty program OMNI
Ladies’ man with laryngitis? HOARSESTUD
Ultimately earns NETS
Airport NNW of IND ORD
Spicy cuisine CREOLE
A native of FROM
Goneril’s husband ALBANY
Revered sage, in India MAHATMA
Sweeps, e.g. CLEANS
Infant at bath time? BAREBABY
1995 "Live at Red Rocks" pianist TESH
African scourge TSETSE
Indian silk-producing region ASSAM
Suffix with ethyl ENE
"Same here" DITTO
Counsel ADVISE
Cheer ROOT
High schooler just hanging out? IDLETEEN
Highest peak in the Armenian plateau ARARAT
Armed ocean dweller? SEASTAR
Makes it right ATONES
Pride parade letters LGBT
"Macbeth" spot descriptor DAMNED
Division of the Justice Dept. ATF
Buffalo’s county ERIE
Ordinary-looking fashion VIP? PLAINMODEL
Marketing opener TELE
"What a shame" ALAS
Really like ADORE
Aren’t really, maybe SEEM
Nasdaq competitor NYSE
Like Vikings NORSE
Emperor after Galba OTHO
Bach works CHORALES
Word associated with Sleepy Hollow HEADLESS
Goof ERR
Checkout correction, perhaps RESCAN
"Point Break" co-star BUSEY
Vision: Pref. OPTO
They’re meant for each other SOULMATES
Makes beloved ENDEARS
Informal discussion CONFAB
Last book of Puzo’s "Godfather" trilogy OMERTA
"Trophy, Hypertrophied" artist ERNST
__ Men: "Who Let the Dogs Out" band BAHA
Follow HEED
Rail system that services 20-Across CTA
Dahomey, since 1975 BENIN
One at a time SEVERALLY
Actor Damon MATT
OPEC founding member IRAN
Ring fighter TOREADOR
Pop-up items TOASTERS
As of 1937, he was the all-time N.L. home run leader until Mays surpassed him in 1966 OTT
Like many a successful poker player DEADPAN
Consumed EATEN
Unilever deodorant brand DEGREE
Likely to change LABILE
Serling’s birth name RODMAN
Ouzo flavoring ANISE
"Serpico" author Peter MAAS
Hightail it FLEE
"Star Trek: DSN" changeling ODO