La Times Crossword Answers July 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Get outta here!" SCRAM
Computers with Apple cores MACS
Designer Ricci NINA
Slip ‘N Slide maker WHAMO
Peter Fonda’s title beekeeper ULEE
Pesky one BRAT
Insurance giant AETNA
Nat or Natalie COLE
Verdi title princess AIDA
*Moon’s alleged makeup GREENCHEESE
Respectful address SIR
__ Lee: dessert brand SARA
"South Pacific" song BALIHAI
Red ink item DEBT
"Yikes!" ACK
Fraidy-cat WIMP
Hedging response IMAY
Billy Joel’s "__ Always a Woman" SHES
Actress Deschanel of "New Girl" ZOOEY
Cambridge sch. MIT
*Indian spiced drink CHAITEA
Spanish "a" UNA
Old anesthetic ETHER
Lee of Marvel Comics STAN
Cutting sound SNIP
Hits the slopes SKIS
Eur. realm until 1806 HRE
Puts two and two together ADDS
Hangs crudely, as a dorm poster TAPESUP
1982 Disney sci-fi film TRON
Sis’ counterpart, and sometime rival BRO
Simple thing to do … and what each starred clue’s answer ends with? PIECEOFCAKE
Charged atoms IONS
Stepped (on) TROD
Heart chambers ATRIA
Fierce anger RAGE
Words following a guesstimate ORSO
Sea birds GULLS
Sketched DREW
Sought-after private of film RYAN
Overact EMOTE
Pirate’s booty SWAG
One-named "Mask" actress CHER
Give stars to RATE
Official forgiveness AMNESTY
Animated Disney film with a Polynesian heroine MOANA
Spanish girls MUCHACHAS
Soothing gel ingredient ALOE
TMZ figure CELEB
Playground fixture for two SEESAW
Steph Curry’s org. NBA
*Pre-euro Dublin currency IRISHPOUND
1976 Olympics star Comaneci NADIA
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Sound of cymbals CRASH
"My Fair Lady" role ELIZA
"I think," in texts IMO
Thin coin DIME
Let off, as steam EMIT
Mets star Hernandez who dated Elaine in a two-part "Seinfeld" KEITH
Initiated, as a task STARTEDON
Oklahoma city ENID
Puppy sounds YAPS
Like fresh chips CRISP
Beginning of el año ENERO
Just __ by: barely make it EKE
Holy spot SANCTUM
Beau-to-be, hopefully SUITOR
Classic Ford auto TBIRD
Wildly cheering AROAR
Sportswear designer Ellis PERRY
No longer a minor OFAGE
Thing, to Tomás COSA
Guthrie of folk ARLO
Bagpiper’s attire KILT
Let up EASE
Stitch SEW