La Times Crossword Answers June 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Snake, footwise APOD
Instagram and Pinterest APPS
Bad thing to draw during a test BLANK
Saboteur, e.g. MOLE
Fruit used in alcohol flavoring SLOE
Home for 66-Across AERIE
Criticism FLAK
Wedding dress insert HOOP
Impatient ITCHY
Start of a one-liner by 54-Across MYFAKEPLANTS
Tiresome type PILL
Cavaliers, on scoreboards CLE
One-liner, part 2 DIED
One-liner, part 3 BECAUSE
Paella pot OLLA
NFL receivers TES
Actress Skye IONE
One-liner, part 4 IDIDNOT
One-liner, part 5 PRETEND
Stands for funerals BIERS
Black and Red SEAS
"__ of Light": 1998 Madonna album RAY
Words to a traitor ETTU
One-liner, part 6 TOWATER
End of the one-liner THEM
Andean root vegetable OCA
California tourist attraction NAPA
Standup comic known for one-liners MITCHHEDBERG
Stereotypically haunted area ATTIC
One-eighties UIES
Flash, maybe IDEA
Absorbed eagerly, with "in" DRANK
It may affect a sentence PLEA
Sea eagles ERNS
"__ Stardust": David Bowie song ZIGGY
Chihuahua sounds YIPS
Afternoon fare SOAP
Switch letters AMFM
Tentacled creature POLYP
Start of a Norwegian line OLAFI
Northern Illinois University city DEKALB
"Off the Court" memoirist ASHE
Splash sound PLOP
A pro brings his own to the table POOLCUE
Flower parts SEPALS
Switch partner BAIT
"Ready if you are" LETSDOIT
Circle segment ARC
Med. research agency NIH
One in, or on, a chain KEY
Calvin and Anne KLEINS
Born, in France NEE
Not as healthy ILLER
Colleague of Ruth and Sonia ELENA
Source of some issues? DADDY
Comforting sound COO
Bad picnic omen ANT
Area sometimes called "The Roof of the World" TIBET
"Downton Abbey" lady EDITH
Number of Maravillas del Mundo SIETE
Email again RESEND
Showing impatience, digitally DRUMMING
__ shooter PEA
Fink RAT
Linguistic origin of Kwanzaa SWAHILI
Wee one TOT
Live in OCCUPY
Hydrophobia RABIES
"Napoleon Dynamite" sidekick Sánchez PEDRO
Hockey setting ARENA
Repulsive ICKY
Dickens schemer HEEP
Those, in Chihuahua ESAS
[Horrors!] GASP
Woodworker’s tool ADZ
Prefix with cycle TRI
It’s game TAG