La Times Crossword Answers March 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Baloney TRIPE
Novelist Evelyn WAUGH
"The Sound of Music" high points ALPS
Risk being burned, in a way BASK
Impressive dwelling MANOR
Press the point ARGUE
One with kids GOAT
One-eyed Norse deity ODIN
Large retailer’s overexpansion, perhaps? CHAINKILLER
Georgetown hoopster HOYA
Sign word evoking days of yore OLDE
Watch kids SIT
Is too sweet CLOYS
Welcome summer cold snap? HAPPYCHILL
In __ of LIEU
Terrier of old mysteries ASTA
"Oh, sure!" YEAHIBET
Measure of stress inflicted by a crowd’s roar? CHEERPRESSURE
GPS displays RTES
Monster slain by Hercules HYDRA
Printer brand owned by Seiko EPSON
Black Friday mo. NOV
Autocrats until 1917 TSARS
News-selling org. UPI
Resort in the Caucasian Riviera SOCHI
Stout holder STEIN
Copacabana beach locale RIO
Dole (out) METE
Storage unit for spray bottles, trowels, etc.? GARDENCHEST
__-Canada: Esso competitor PETRO
Don Juan ROUE
MLBer with 696 home runs AROD
Subtleties NUANCES
Unbelievable one LIAR
Like some spore reproduction ASEXUAL
Worms, to robins PREY
Deep pit ABYSS
Soup for toddlers? BABYCHOWDER
Marshland MIRE
Draws off, as maple syrup TAPS
Outback native EMU
To have, to Henri AVOIR
Grace starter OLORD
Its PAC is the Political Victory Fund NRA
Campbell-Martin of "Martin" TISHA
"A mouse!" EEK
Hawk’s claw TALON
Synthetic silk RAYON
On the road AWAY
Holiday pantomime game? EASTERCHARADE
Colombian export EMERALDS
Blockheads OAFS
"My stars!" EGAD
Necklace for a macho heartthrob? STUDCHOKER
Curly-tailed dog AKITA
MinuteClinic operator CVS
Ceramic piece TILE
"Terrible" Russian ruler IVAN
Little bird wielding an ax? GUITARCHICK
Genesis setting EDEN
Like Gen. Shinseki, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs RETD
Forearm bones ULNAS
Well-timed ONCUE
Pair near your hair EARS
Sailing ropes TYES
Requiring a lot of attention NEEDY
Flix alternative TMC
Sideline shouts RAHS
Post-exam exultation INAILEDIT
First African-American Best Actor POITIER
Ocean bird ERN
Baby monitor alert WAIL
Folksy Guthrie ARLO
Hard on the eyes UGLYASSIN
"Seems to be the case" GUESSSO
__ Majesty HER
Ottoman honorific AGHA
Not all there LOOPY
Cable option PAYPERVIEW
Visit overnight STAYAT
["That stinks!"] BOOHISS
Go off-line? ADLIB
Move crab-style SIDLE
Helped a tot tie a shoelace, say KNELT
Single-serving coffee choice KCUP
Bit of a belly laugh HAR
Atkins of country CHET
Time line divisions ERAS
Winery cask TUN
Ground-up bait CHUM
Fanfare and then some HYPE
Come again RECUR
"Julie & Julia" director EPHRON
Major course ENTREE
Ref. for wordsmiths OED
Where to find fans ARENA
Stairway piece RISER
They’re unlikely to pass the bar SOTS
Slugger Mel OTT
Spokane-to-Edmonton dir. NNE
Modeling adhesive EPOXY
Lost cause GONER
Goofy collectibles? CELS
Cabinet dept. EDUC
Closer to being raw RARER
"Same for me" ASAMI
Game inside a Narragansett beer bottle cap REBUS
"Rabbit" series author UPDIKE
Starbuck, for one SAILOR
Conspire with ABET
"Got it!" AHA
Demonstratively romantic LOVEYDOVEY
Rodeo mount BRONC
"__ out!" YER
Blue state? WOE
Maker of fancy notebooks MOLESKINE
"I’ll take all the help I can get" ANYADVICE
Right in the head SANE
Big bore DRAG
Gets tough HARDENS
"Never Wave at __": Rosalind Russell movie AWAC
Screening org. TSA
To blame ATFAULT
Spider woman? ARACHNE
"Java" trumpeter ALHIRT
"__ b?": "Which is it?" AOR
Pick up HEAR
Name on Re-Nutriv products ESTEE
Site of the Cave of Zeus, in myth: Abbr. MTIDA
Calculus pioneer EULER
Glide on blades SKATE
Calls off ENDS
"… __ a puddy tat!" ITAW
Merged news agency TASS
Move quickly, as clouds SCUD
"Breaking Bad" baddie Fring GUS
Nonpro? CON
Very important KEY