La Times Crossword Answers March 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Past due LATE
Place for a safe WALL
Connery and McCartney SIRS
"Don’t rub __" ITIN
Geometry calculations AREAS
Cool one’s heels WAIT
*Performer’s exit direction STAGERIGHT
Award for "Game of Thrones" EMMY
Dangerous Amazon fish PIRANHA
"Scotch" sealers TAPES
See 47-Down CARTE
*Immediately FIRSTOFF
Handed out cards DEALT
Oakland Coliseum player RAIDER
*High stadium tier UPPERDECK
Start of a choosing rhyme EENY
Step on it, quaintly HIE
Form 1099 ID SSN
President pro __ TEM
Stretchy bandage brand ACE
Damage HARM
*Sports bet based on total points scored OVERUNDER
Vote out of office UNSEAT
Totally thrill ELATE
*Like most TV dramas HOURLONG
Speaks, biblically SAITH
Texas shrine ALAMO
Almond or cashew NUTTREE
Luke Skywalker, for one JEDI
In advance, and where you might find both parts of the answers to starred clues BEFOREHAND
"Absolutely!" AMEN
Schussing spot SLOPE
Novelist Ferber EDNA
Starts to blossom BUDS
Watches SEES
Paper quantity REAM
Speak like Sylvester LISP
Storage space accessed via the ceiling ATTIC
Pageant accessory TIARA
"Prepare to duel!" ENGARDE
"Sour to the People" extreme candy brand WARHEADS
"Carmen" highlight ARIA
A joker might pull yours LEG
Christine of "The Blacklist" LAHTI
"My parents are gonna kill me!" IAMSODEAD
Glass edge RIM
Mess of a room STY
Drummer Ringo STARR
Free TV spot PSA
Fraud watchdog org. FTC
Stolen jewelry seller FENCE
Onion ring maker FRYER
Jay with jokes LENO
Steinway, for one PIANO
"Hooked on Classics" co. KTEL
Crossword solver’s smudges ERASURES
Change genetically MUTATE
Small falcons MERLINS
Really relax, with "out" VEG
Reply to bad alternatives NEITHER
With 23-Across, priced separately, on menus ALA
Crypts, e.g. TOMBS
December songs NOELS
Reddish-orange dye HENNA
"Don’t think so" NOPE
Red-coated cheese EDAM
Fast punch JAB
Australian bird EMU
Nemesis FOE