La Times Crossword Answers March 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
The Miners of the Lone Star St. UTEP
Eurasia’s __ Mountains URAL
Fundraising gps. PTAS
Caesar’s France GAUL
Marner of fiction SILAS
Hindustani language URDU
What Dobermans do for dinner? GRRABABITE
Innocent BABE
Retro wall unit STONE
Titanic undoing BERG
Not very bright DIM
Super-cold concoction at Baskin-Robbins? BRRAINFREEZE
Yale alum ELI
Longtime Yankees announcer __ Allen MEL
First to play James SEAN
Tall and lean LANK
"Sadly … " ALAS
World’s stealthiest detective? SHHERLOCKHOLMES
Got out of bed AROSE
"So __ say" THEY
Crowd-sourced review site YELP
Asian takeout option THAI
Little trickster IMP
See 56-Down SLY
Cutest Baby contest champion? AWWARDWINNER
Security briefing org. CIA
Clothing part that might split SEAM
Epic tales SAGAS
Singer James ETTA
Massage epiphany? AHHAMOMENT
Agenda detail ITEM
Gets mud on SOILS
Phi __ Kappa BETA
Banks of 2000s TV talk TYRA
Doing business OPEN
"The Osbournes" patriarch OZZY
Brand of sheepskin boots UGGS
Biting TART
Italian capital EURO
Fallback option PLANB
__ Today USA
Tease RIB
"I was out of town," e.g. ALIBI
Approach midnight LATEN
Place to hoist a pint PUB
Madison Ave. field ADBIZ
In-your-face challenge SUEME
Feudal laborers SERFS
Protective barrier BERM
Authentic REAL
Dole out ALLOT
Like birds with worms, so it’s said EARLY
Designer Schiaparelli ELSA
Cowardly Lion portrayer LAHR
Facing serious trouble INHOTWATER
Singer who formerly stylized her name with a dollar sign KESHA
"__ du lieber!" ACH
Yarn purchase SKEIN
Squeal TELL
Catch sight of ESPY
Raises REARS
Many a gospel song HYMN
Brainstorms IDEAS
Uruguayan money PESO
Nail a test ACEIT
Like Oscar Wilde WITTY
Mackerel relative WAHOO
Beatnik’s "With ya" IMHIP
Repeating movie role for 51-Across RAMBO
"Sheesh!" GEEZ
Animated bug film ANTZ
Time at a hotel STAY
Org. for docs AMA
Pint to drink ALE
AOL alternative MSN