La Times Crossword Answers November 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bills, say CASH
Alfredo may be associated with it PASTA
Ways of viewing the world ISMS
First name in folk ARLO
Yale of Yale fame ELIHU
"Fillet of a fenny snake / In the cauldron __ and bake": "Macbeth" BOIL
Cosmetologist’s choices at happy hour? BLUSHWINES
Local govt. bond MUNI
Inspired LEDTO
RR stop STA
Janitor’s tool, briefly VAC
Marx collaborator ENGELS
Collapse, with "over" KEEL
Previous to, poetically ERE
Nursery supply SEED
Cosmetologist’s preferred vacation venue? OCEANLINER
"Art is __ that makes us realize truth": Picasso ALIE
Knots and yards UNITS
Cosmetologist’s expression for hastily exiting? TAKEAPOWDER
"Just like me" ASAMI
Shrek, e.g. OGRE
Cosmetologist’s favorite capital? BATONROUGE
Take shots of FILM
Mark on the Oregon Trail RUT
Like crab apples TART
Leonine savior’s domain NARNIA
Enzyme suffix ASE
Romantic ideal, with "the" ONE
Dieter’s breakfast MELON
"__ Trigger": Bugs Bunny cartoon HARE
Cosmetologist’s wall covering? GLOSSPAINT
Like much cheese AGED
Final ordeal, perhaps ESSAY
Low joint KNEE
Rx contents MEDS
Does another tour REUPS
Attention-getter YELL
Brooklyn Bridge array CABLES
Garfield’s girlfriend ARLENE
Oozy stuff SLUDGE
Threw a party HOSTED
Place to pray PEW
Memorable fighter ALI
Pride, for example SIN
Annabel Lee’s kingdom was by it THESEA
Writer who created the Dashwood sisters AUSTEN
Watson’s home IBM
Snow globe, perhaps SOUVENIR
Muezzin’s tower MINARET
Deli equipment SLICERS
Dec. 25 or Jan. 1 HOL
Intimate, with "to" ALLUDE
Food fish SOLE
"Private property" sign warning KEEPOUT
Mike Pompeo’s org. CIA
Having four sharps INE
A lot like AKINTO
Like neglected clothing TATTERED
Latin lover’s word AMO
Steven of "The Walking Dead" OGG
Small songbird WREN
Biblical patriarch ABRAHAM
Breakfast side SAUSAGE
National park figure RANGER
Threatening phrase ORELSE
How theme park visitors often stand INLINE
Longtime maker of O gauge track LIONEL
Place for trophies MANTEL
Rock concert sight AMP
Newspaper VIPs EDS
Buckeyes’ sch. OSU
Sucker SAP
Part of CBS: Abbr. SYS