La Times Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Yanks’ foes JAYS
Operation designed to hurt STING
Shipboard resident SWAB
CFO, e.g. EXEC
Not as likely to mess up ABLER
Walk without getting anywhere? PACE
Shoelace site INSTEP
Shipboard chums MATEYS
Tenn. neighbor ALA
Apartment listing abbr. RMS
Nice with? AVEC
Gobs and gobs SLEWS
Cart for heavy loads DRAY
Filly’s brother COLT
Fighter eulogized by Bill Clinton, among others ALI
Old-time teacher MARM
"The Grapes of Wrath" figure OKIE
Prime real estate? EDEN
Downed a sub, say ATE
In-law’s wife, possibly SIS
Refrigerates CHILLS
One of a biblical ten PLAGUE
Like quality beef AGED
One "sitting lonely on the placid bust," in a classic poem RAVEN
Course with relevant tangents TRIG
Regular guys JOES
Finals, e.g. EXAMS
"Star Wars" warrior JEDI
Nerve cell part AXON
Cravings YENS
Ewan McGregor, for one SCOT
They’re often free SAMPLES
Sched. question mark TBA
Kind ILK
Once called NEE
Sir Georg Solti’s record 31 GRAMMYS
Rotating rod SPIT
Conduct WAGE
Hurting ACHY
Puts money (on) BETS
Not at all reflective RASH
On the lam ATLARGE
Backs up a videotape REWINDS
Cobb salad ingredient BACON
Bring to mind EVOKE
Composer Mendelssohn FELIX
Good-sized wedding band OCTET
Prefix for "sun" HELIO
Madison Ave. pitchers ADMEN
Carpentry, e.g. TRADE
Worries CARES
Church numbers HYMNS
Reacted to an arduous workout GOTSORE
Shoes without laces SLIPONS
Gymnast’s powder TALC
Ibiza, por ejemplo ISLA
Key of the finale of Brahms’ Symphony No. 1 CMAJ
"Les Misérables" author HUGO
"Now it’s clear" ISEE
Old Fords LTDS
Hard-working colonizers ANTS
Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Second, e.g. UNIT
Sharp side EDGE
Reach capacity, with "out" MAX
Actress Mendes EVA
President pro __ TEM