La Times Crossword Answers October 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Seabird related to the booby GANNET
Bold & Crispy Fries maker OREIDA
Rural "reckon" SPOSE
Know one’s __: master a subject ONIONS
It’s intoxicating ETHANOL
Willow twigs OSIERS
It’s not a teeny wienie FOOTLONGHOTDOG
Place to put down stakes?: Abbr. OTB
Learned ones SAGES
Cookout favorite HAMBURGER
Marsh growths REEDS
For, to Fernando POR
Org. that does searches TSA
"The Kiss" sculptor RODIN
Seine feeder OISE
Chain that sells Grand Slam breakfasts DENNYS
Masterpieces GEMS
Lively Cuban dance SALSA
New Zealand native MAORI
The Beatles’ "__ Mine" IME
One-eighty UIE
Crunchy snack choice TORTILLACHIP
Confident solver’s choice PEN
Gardner of mystery ERLE
Major work OPUS
"Et voilà!" TADA
Three-time NFL rushing yards leader Adrian PETERSON
Hero SUB
Some sodas RCS
"Big Blue" IBM
Unagi or anago EEL
Antenna housing RADOME
Parisian pronoun ILS
Federation in OPEC UAE
Green shade LIME
Magazine founder Eric UTNE
Stink REEK
"Exodus" hero ARI
Beef on the patio GRILLEDSTEAK
Canal locale EAR
Seoul soldier ROK
Closely packed DENSE
Rwandan people TUTSI
Oil acronym ARCO
Some polytheists PAGANS
"Coriolanus" setting ROME
"Drab" color OLIVE
Deli bread RYE
Saigon soup PHO
High-quality PRIME
Dorm breakfast, maybe COLDPIZZA
Nabisco noshes OREOS
Reverse pic NEG
Serious plays DRAMAS
Dessert with syrup ICECREAMSUNDAE
Take back to the lab RETEST
Stretched to the limit TENSEST
Gets in shape TRAINS
Bright circle? MENSA
Worthy principles IDEALS
Least ingenuous SLYEST
Make __ of: write down ANOTE
Weeper of myth NIOBE
Excluding NOT
Blowup: Abbr. ENL
Chinese menu possessive TSOS
Catchall category OTHER
P’s on frat jackets RHOS
Dig in, so to speak EAT
Lake Mich. state IND
He played Scotty on "Star Trek" DOOHAN
Pond growth ALGA
TV’s Hercules Kevin __ SORBO
Pretentious sort PSEUD
Offshore equipment OILRIG
Feudal lords SEIGNEURS
Language that gave us "plaid" ERSE
"The one who makes it, takes it" breakfast brand EGGO
Nasdaq unit: Abbr. SHR
Pickup place? NAPE
Hook’s mate MRSMEE
Knuckleheads DOLTS
Amigo’s assent SISI
Garr of "Mr. Mom" TERI
Impertinent sort SNIP
Dispenser made obsolete by the shaker SALTCELLAR
Cry from Homer DOH
Winner’s cry YIPPEE
Cat pal of Otis MILO
Caught in the act SEEN
Absorb SOPUP
Its capital is Oranjestad ARUBA
"Spy vs. Spy" magazine MAD
Mimosa family tree ACACIA
Eligible for ENTITLEDTO
Eighty-six TOSS
At the back of the pack LAST
Aunt with a "Cope Book" ERMA
Drops off EBBS
Seehorn of "Better Call Saul" RHEA
"Another Green World" musician ENO
Oilers, on NHL scoreboards EDM
Seems suspicious SMELLS
Horse-drawn vehicle TROIKA
Parisian lover’s word AIME
Fretted instruments LUTES
Hawaiian island LANAI
Hunt for SEEK
Carpeting calculation AREA
Juicy fruit PEAR
Brew, in a way PERCOLATE
Saint-__: French Riviera resort TROPEZ
Martinique, par exemple ILE
Complete UTTER
Aussie greeting GDAY
Mathematician Descartes RENE
Election winners INS
Water collection pit SUMP
"No Country for __" OLDMEN
Adorned GRACED
One of nine Clue cards ROOM
Bridge declaration IPASS
Windows XP successor VISTA
Cider maker PRESS
Recipe verb HEAT
Many a Sundance film INDIE
Stands for MEANS
Discharge EGEST
USN officer CDR
City near Provo OREM
Pasta choice ZITI
Baseball’s Hershiser OREL
Retired fliers SSTS
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir. ENE
Civil War letters CSA
Modern address URL
Stubborn sailor’s response NAY