La Times Crossword Answers October 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Death of a Salesman" salesman Willy LOMAN
Abysmal grades EFS
"__ Cross": 1949 Lancaster movie CRISS
Friend’s opposite ENEMY
Minor point to pick NIT
Convened again REMET
Unwise act that could be dangerous FALSEMOVE
Video game pioneer ATARI
Singing syllable TRA
Vicinity AREA
Type of cleansing acid BORIC
Actress Skye IONE
Time-out for a cigarette SMOKEBREAK
Upper crust groups ELITES
Courage and fortitude METTLE
Done in, as a dragon SLAIN
Swoosh company NIKE
Cold War state: Abbr. SSR
Dashboard music provider CARSTEREO
Oral health org. ADA
"Piece of cake!" EASY
Real doozies LULUS
Dips for tortilla chips SALSAS
Pre-talkies movie SILENTFILM
"Please leave your message at the __" TONE
Illegal lending tactic USURY
Wrath, in a hymn IRAE
Round green veggie PEA
Helped AIDED
Hot chili designation, and a literal description of the starts of 17-, 25-, 35- and 51-Across FOURALARM
"The Accidental Tourist" actress Davis GEENA
Z, alphabet-wise END
Start of a tennis point SERVE
Opinion piece ESSAY
Part of GPS: Abbr. SYS
Passover feast SEDER
Southpaws LEFTIES
Winning at craps, say ONAROLL
First lady after Michelle MELANIA
Wee hrs. AMS
PBS "Science Guy" Bill NYE
Huge, in verse ENORM
"Hawaii __": TV cop show FIVEO
T-bone, for one STEAK
Buster who played Flash Gordon CRABBE
Sharp comeback RETORT
Turkish travel shelters IMARETS
Continuing stories SERIALS
Place for a new-car price STICKER
Sunday service MASS
Suffix with diet ETIC
911 situation: Abbr. EMER
Disney doe ENA
CIA cousin NSA
"__ not up to me" ITS
Vitally important KEY
Relax REST
Overhead trains ELS
Kick out of office OUST
Yellow-disked flowers DAISIES
Refers casually (to) ALLUDES
Spotted wildcat LEOPARD
Soft-shell clam STEAMER
Williams of tennis SERENA
Very soon ANYDAY
From the States: Abbr. AMER
Small winds paired with drums FIFES
Literary twist IRONY
Heaps praise on LAUDS
Beast of burden ASS
Golfer Trevino LEE