La Times Crossword Answers September 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Pocket for falafel PITA
Crossing sign? PLUS
Some old notebooks IBMS
Came up short OWED
USNA part: Abbr. ACAD
Eponymous store founder MACY
Gulf State native OMANI
Willie Mays won 12 in 12 consecutive years GOLDGLOVEAWARDS
Brake components DISCS
"More!" ENCORE
Left hanging INLIMBO
John Wayne types MACHOS
In the offing NEAR
"99 Luftballons" singer NENA
Org. created in a 1949 sports merger NBA
Lyft offer RIDE
German exclamation ACH
Pitt of "The Big Short" BRAD
"Mad Men" actress JANUARYJONES
Glasgow’s river CLYDE
Vineyard grape PINOT
Decorative metalwork PLATING
"And there you have it!" TADA
"No worries" ITSOK
Kept out of sight HID
Brewery named for a Dutch river AMSTEL
Stonehenge worshiper DRUID
Brahms’ "Variations on a __ of Paganini" THEME
Putin’s former org. KGB
Wish Tree artist ONO
Canada’s most populous province ONTARIO
Pot growth from overwatering ALGAE
Sonata finale, perhaps RONDO
"I __ differ" BEGTO
Certain group leader ALPHAMALE
Hunter with a belt ORION
Von Trapp girl who sings "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" with Rolf LIESL
Eye twinkle GLEAM
Subject for Keats URN
"__ Kapital" DAS
Capri or Elba, locally ISOLA
Jack in the deck KNAVE
Settles, as a debt REPAYS
GI bill? DOL
Stout quantities PINTS
Enter the pool, in a way DIVE
Exotic vacation, maybe ECOTOUR
Praline nut PECAN
Ed with Emmys ASNER
Early ’60s group that included John Glenn MERCURYSEVEN
Cherry-pick CULL
Sound near a "Beware of Dog" sign GRR
Dog attractor ODOR
East, to Goethe OST
Shelter chorus ARFS
Kite trailer TAIL
Philly cagers SIXERS
Hotel convenience BARSOAP
Heir and heiress SCIONS
Way to step ASIDE
1990 movie with a muscular teacher KINDERGARTENCOP
Like acid in some disinfectants IODIC
Fascinated by INTO
Citrus hybrids UGLIS
James of jazz ETTA
Tech gadget review site CNET
Trade org. ASSN
Island in a computer game MYST
Roulette bet NOIR
Printer output PAGE
Tapped image ICON
It’s 1 on the Mohs scale TALC
Accessory ADDON
Expert PRO
Big name in denim LEVI
Home to the first collegiate business sch. UPENN
Groan elicitor STALEJOKE
1967 Spencer Davis Group hit IMAMAN
Stinging rebuke BARB
Pioneering fast food name MCDONALD
Part of TBS: Abbr. SYS
Fraternity O’s OMICRONS
"Rip Van Winkle" author WASHINGTONIRVING
Protect from hackers, hopefully ENCODE
Insults DISSES
Golf-friendly forecast CLEAR
__ Mae: Whoopi’s "Ghost" role ODA
Diving bird GREBE
Succeed in WINAT
Whirlpool brand MAYTAG
Totally absorbed RAPT
Push-up top BRA
Take the stage ACT
Garbed CLAD
Component of hair bleach HYDROGENPEROXIDE
Purify, as whiskey DISTILL
Reuters rival UPI
Fullback on the NFL’s 1960s All-Decade Team JIMBROWN
Unnerves DAUNTS
Pessimist’s words NOHOPE
Wyo. neighbor IDA
Captain’s post HELM
Inner: Pref. ENDO
Minnesota’s state bird LOON
Polite addresses MAAMS
Stay fresh KEEP
Cleaning cloths RAGS
Language that gave us "galore" GAELIC
Annual fact book ALMANAC
Daphnis and Echo, e.g. OREADS
Fuzzy image BLUR
Its legislature is the Oireachtas EIRE
Hard rain? HAIL
Signs off on OKS
Colt .45s, since 1965 ASTROS
Venue for free discussion OPENFORUM
Constantly EVER
Sanction, as a college ACCREDIT
London trash cans DUSTBINS
Prospector’s target ORE
Letter-shaped bolt holder TNUT
__ on the side of caution ERR
Cries of dismay OYS
As such PERSE
Tea party attendee ALICE
Inlaid design MOSAIC
Rival of Tesla EDISON
__ Trophy: annual PGA honor for lowest scoring average VARDON
Doesn’t fade LASTS
Yielding to gravity SAGGY
Tablecloth material LINEN
DVR button REC
Farm swarm ANTS
Besties PALS
Numerical prefix OCTO
"Moi?" NOTI
Go toe-to-toe SPAR
Korean carmaker KIA
Slowing, to an orch. RIT