La Times Crossword Answers September 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
One taken for a fool DUPE
Question at a reunion MISSME
Game show hosts MCS
Camped in a trailer, for short RVED
Sort of INAWAY
Spoil ROT
Tennessee whiskey cocktail JACKANDCOKE
MLB’s Indians, on scoreboards CLE
__ Alamos LOS
Groundbreaking tool HOE
Aquatic plant ALGA
"My package has arrived!" ITSHERE
"Darn it!" OHRATS
Fun time, in slang GAS
"Othello" antagonist IAGO
Unsurpassed AONE
One above criticism SACREDCOW
Good opponent EVIL
Fair-to-middling SOSO
Actor Estevez EMILIO
Stump speech ORATION
Pre-employment investigation BACKGROUNDCHECK
Morsels BITS
Conditions IFS
Done with one’s career: Abbr. RET
Yale alum ELI
Influential pairing, and a hint to the circles in four puzzle answers POWERCOUPLE
President pro __ TEM
__ Jug: British Open trophy CLARET
Take a long bath SOAK
Most GRE takers SRS
Iran, once PERSIA
Holy recess APSE
Hall of Fame Sixer, familiarly DRJ
Charlottesville sch. UVA
Course that makes you sweat, briefly? PECLASS
"How’m I doing?" New York mayor EDKOCH
Hr. segment MIN
Swing voter: Abbr. IND
Actor __ Baron Cohen SACHA
Pupil’s place EYE
Magic Eraser spokesman MRCLEAN
Palmolive’s corporate partner COLGATE
Cooks, as broccoli STEAMS
Tennis legend who wrote "Days of Grace" ASHE
Traffic light symbol ARROW
Sty dweller PIG
LAX posting ETA
Lindros in the Hockey Hall of Fame ERIC
Blackens, as tuna SEARS
Former Labor secretary Elaine CHAO
Prefix with caching GEO
Uses too much ODSON
Jockey’s wear SILKS
Alter ego of 7-Down ALIG
Wood measure CORD
Screen writer? EMAILER
Con targets VICTIMS
Sugar-free soft drink DIETPOP
Summer Games org. IOC
Tattoo, in slang INK
__ Field: Brooklyn Dodgers’ home EBBETS
Colorful songbird ORIOLE
Height: Pref. ACRO
Where Springsteen was born? THEUSA
Tug __ OFWAR
Operators USERS
Angel dust, for short PCP
Outdoor gear retailer REI
Transp. group in the Loop CTA
Scale syllables LAS
Squeeze (by) EKE