Metro Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Solid & unyielding FIRM
Fairy’s magic stick WAND
Items of pottery EARTHENWARE
Feeble WEAK
Opera singer’s solo ARIA
Printing error TYPO
File a suit against SUE
Musical note FAH
Lingerie item BRA
Ewe’s mate RAM
Water scooter, jet … SKI
Upper-class & toffee-nosed POSH
Tibetan monks LAMAS
Frosted (cake) ICED
College test EXAM
Follow closely TAIL
Italy’s former currency LIRA
Mocking remarks GIBES
Body powder TALC
Uneven (number) ODD
Hallucinogenic drug (1,1,1) LSD
Tell trivial lie FIB
Butane or neon GAS
Noah’s vessel ARK
Bird’s bill BEAK
Stack HEAP
Radar image BLIP
Eyelid inflammation STYE
Make necessary NECESSITATE
Pagan statue IDOL
Young deer FAWNS
Magazine subscribers READERS
Assemble or manufacture MAKE
Pedigree farm STUD
Red hair dye HENNA
Squash (bug) SWAT
Enfold WRAP
Keep fit class, … exercises AEROBIC
Roman moon goddess DIANA
Ready, …, fire! AIM
Affirmative response YES
Mounting & glazing (picture) FRAMING
Radiators HEATERS
At the forefront AHEAD
Highland garments KILTS
Buddy PAL
Dawdle LAG
Commando army regiment (1,1,1) SAS
Medico DOC
Stealing ROBBING
Adjusted ADAPTED
Genetic code carrier (1,1,1) DNA
Nautical shelter LEE
Aesop tale FABLE
Humble (oneself) ABASE
Solemn ringing of bells KNELL
Heavy fencing sword EPEE
Was aware of KNEW
Crude dwellings HUTS
Italian sparkling wine, … spumante ASTI