Metro Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Daily commuter’s pick-up point (3,4) BUSSTOP
Faith, hope & charity VIRTUES
Snatched GRABBED
Make on loom WEAVE
Extract (information) GLEAN
Put back REPLACE
Provokes GOADS
Ballet or jig DANCE
Small biting insects GNATS
TV transmission band (1,1,1) VHF
Rowing aid OAR
Diaper NAPPY
Question QUERY
Roofing stone SLATE
Flee to wed ELOPE
Humpback or minke WHALE
Adorable LOVABLE
Sheathes ENCASES
Catch in trap ENSNARE
Important people BIGWIGS
Instrumental composition SONATA
Striped jungle animals TIGERS
Infant’s enclosure PLAYPEN
Vivid (colours) VIBRANT
Having raised lines RIDGED
Invisible UNSEEN
Put off DEFER
Coral isle ATOLL
Info GEN
Snow-capped mountain ALP
Speak SAY
Wall recesses ALCOVES
Malleable PLIABLE
Strangely alluring EXOTIC
Succumbs YIELDS
Embroidery experts SEWERS
Dessert, bombe … ALASKA