Metro Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Golf flagpoles PINS
Transmit SEND
In proportion, pro … RATA
Mediterranean volcano ETNA
Serving platter TRAY
Glass sheet PANE
Typist’s ailment (1,1,1) RSI
City’s chief mail centre (1,1,1) GPO
Estimated touchdown time (1,1,1) ETA
Crooner, … King Cole NAT
Humorous poet, … Ayres PAM
Annoys constantly NAGS
India’s Taj … MAHAL
Please reply (1,1,1,1) RSVP
Apple or meat pastries PIES
Strong taste TANG
Snow monster YETI
Bangkok natives THAIS
Component UNIT
Postpone, put on … ICE
Horsey expression, … up! GEE
Blokes MEN
Spanish title DON
Clutch GRAB
Obstinate animal MULE
Type of pastry PUFF
Detailed description ELABORATION
Warm & comfy COSY
Fishing snares NETS
More refined PURER
Hip London suburb, … Hill NOTTING
Disfigure SCAR
Singer/actress, … Garland JUDY
Ill-tempered person GRUMP
Scissor-cut SNIP
Observed SEEN
Theatrical performance DRAMA
Social insect ANT
Egyptian snake ASP
Ground (teeth) GNASHED
Enthusiastic applause OVATION
Savoury jelly ASPIC
Debate ARGUE
Opposite of aye NAY
Bumped into MET
Nevada’s … Vegas LAS
Plant container POT
Prickles TINGLES
Argentina’s … Peron EVA
Icky substance GOO
Impersonator MIMIC
Classical musical drama OPERA
Shines up BUFFS
Trust, … on RELY
Arabian folk hero, Ali … BABA
Plenty LOTS
On top of UPON