Metro Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bedtime drinks NIGHTCAPS
Potatoes SPUDS
Changed position MOVED
Exotic flowers ORCHIDS
Small ocean SEA
Sailing boats YACHTS
Heredity unit GENE
Nastiest MEANEST
Slobbered DROOLED
Book (table at restaurant) RESERVE
Laundered CLEANED
Back of neck NAPE
Allergy rash ECZEMA
Mischievous kid IMP
Peace pact TRUCE
Hair styling appliance DRYER
Medical complaints DISORDERS
Dulls (senses) NUMBS
Free gifts GIVEAWAYS
Soft toys (5,5) TEDDYBEARS
Peach-like fruit APRICOT
Lose job, get the … SACK
Join together UNITE
Debarred from school temporarily SUSPENDED
Weather predictor FORECASTER
Soaked before cooking MARINATED
Latitude & … LONGITUDE
Pardoned EXCUSED
Film cast & crew listings CREDITS
Wood filler PUTTY
News statement, … release PRESS
Brown (meat) quickly SEAR