Metro Crossword Answers April 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Callous opportunist USER
Delights JOYS
Looked up & down EYED
Printing error TYPO
Steamship fuel COAL
Church celebration MASS
Tiny mark DOT
Cereal grass RYE
Piece of turf SOD
Hearing organ EAR
Garden tool HOE
Auction offers BIDS
Pneumatic wheel TYRE
Ring (of bells) PEAL
Speed of sound unit MACH
Pleasant NICE
Evaluated RATED
Lessen EASE
Squid fluid INK
Coronation regalia, … & sceptre ORB
Paintings ART
Rested in chair SAT
Ill-matched ODD
Taverns INNS
Business transaction DEAL
Complex network MAZE
Commend (for bravery) CITE
Canvas shelter TENT
Clarify, … light on SHED
Turn upside down UPEND
Perform again REDO
Australian gem OPAL
Movie FILM
Fast planes JETS
Arduous journey ODYSSEY
Knight’s blade SWORD
House cooler, … conditioning AIR
Remains of a fire ASH
Rematches REPLAYS
Component ELEMENT
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Alternate, every … OTHER
Prohibit BAN
Rowing aid OAR
Father DAD
Adam’s partner EVE
City inhabitant CITIZEN
Eliminate ABOLISH
Closest relative, next of … KIN
Raw mineral ORE
Confess ADMIT
Await with horror DREAD
Hornet home NEST
Male deer STAG
Prescribed amount DOSE
High cards ACES