Metro Crossword Answers April 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Ancient Nile king or Tutankhamen’s title PHARAOH
Large beer mug TANKARD
Adapting to stage play DRAMATISING
Crimson RED
Health resort SPA
Pick-me-up TONIC
Cook gently SIMMER
Regret RUE
By that route VIA
Typist’s complaint (1,1,1) RSI
Nephew’s sister NIECE
Hospital worker NURSE
Have a meal EAT
Distress signal (1,1,1) SOS
Astern AFT
Housing area ESTATE
Shoreline COAST
Group of kangaroos MOB
Record label (1,1,1) EMI
Garment arms or record covers SLEEVES
Boffin or intellectual EGGHEAD
Spongy part of paws PADS
Flat or unit APARTMENT
Comes (from) or flags down (cab) HAILS
Three-hulled boat TRIMARANS
Chef’s protective garb APRON
Allowable against tax DEDUCTIBLE
Interloper (4-7) GATECRASHER
Ambulance beds STRETCHERS
Clergymen’s ceremonial clothing VESTMENTS
Retake (escapee) RECAPTURE
Not dissimilar ALIKE
Soak in tub BATHE
Exploited USED