Metro Crossword Answers August 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Small community VILLAGE
Attack with missiles BOMBARD
Genetic code carrier (1,1,1) DNA
Health resort SPA
Unwarranted (haste) UNDUE
Stores secretly HOARDS
Item bid for in auction LOT
Repetitive strain injury (1,1,1) RSI
Military actions OPS
Wear away ERODE
Different OTHER
Conifer FIR
Noise DIN
Drinking house PUB
Slumbering ASLEEP
Speak publicly ORATE
Steal from ROB
Anger IRE
Temporary framework for building SCAFFOLDING
Most serious GRAVEST
Bound up TRUSSED
Competes (with) VIES
Beach rescuer LIFESAVER
Odds or … EVENS
Tactical army unit BATTALION
Totted up ADDED
Car franchise DEALERSHIP
Traveller’s cheap lodgings (5,6) YOUTHHOSTEL
Hurrying, … it HOTFOOTING
Bird, robin … REDBREAST
Hospital aides ORDERLIES
Amphitheatre centre ARENA
Be suitable for BEFIT
Grew older AGED