Metro Crossword Answers August 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Valuable old item ANTIQUE
Replenishes REFILLS
Citrus fruits ORANGES
Fly around (planet) ORBIT
Banjo sound TWANG
Authorise APPROVE
Writes own name SIGNS
Baby bird shelters NESTS
Bounds LEAPS
Money fold WAD
Supersonic plane JET
Stared open-mouthed GAPED
Ride bike CYCLE
Seafood delicacy ABALONE
Liquid rubber LATEX
Surprised, taken … ABACK
Disregards IGNORES
Magic, … of hand SLEIGHT
Used oars PADDLED
Postmortem AUTOPSY
Earl Grey sachet (3,3) TEABAG
Rations QUOTAS
Instance EXAMPLE
Reorganise troops REGROUP
Attach something firmly FASTEN
Mauve shrubs LILACS
Offer advice SUGGEST
Get pleasure from ENJOY
Hunk of wood LOG
Current unit AMP
Unhappy SAD
Insinuates IMPLIES
Self-indulgent act (3,4) EGOTRIP
Saturday/Sunday WEEKEND
Chant in a solemn way INTONE
Physically demanding TAXING
Terminated CEASED
Church, the Sistine … CHAPEL