Metro Crossword Answers August 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Gypsy dance FLAMENCO
Drumming insect CICADA
Cave floor formations STALAGMITES
Uncle Sam (1,1,1) USA
Pen tip NIB
Jewelled headdress TIARA
Chancy RISKY
007’s hush-hush employer (6,7) SECRETSERVICE
Inclined to mishaps (8-5) ACCIDENTPRONE
Stretch (neck) CRANE
Poetic term for pasture LEA
Internet address, World Wide … WEB
Cliffhanging SUSPENSEFUL
Crop harvests YIELDS
Boat commanders SKIPPERS
Blending by melting FUSING
Also titled (1,1,1) AKA
Pause punctuation mark COMMA
Underwriter INSURER
Touches at one end ABUTS
Examined in lab ANALYSED
Joins forces (5,2) TEAMSUP
Simple BASIC
Castrated men EUNUCHS
Just right IDEAL
Opening in ship’s deck HATCHWAY
Put clothes on, got … DRESSED
Speaks freely (5,2) OPENSUP
Bank strong-rooms VAULTS
Saunter AMBLE
Wise guy, smart … ALECK
Enemy FOE