Metro Crossword Answers December 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
From … to toe HEAD
Small car MINI
Female law-officer POLICEWOMAN
Moistens WETS
Gusto ZEST
Furtive glance PEEP
He, … or it SHE
Roll (of money) WAD
As well TOO
Game, … & match SET
Suffer AIL
Snake sound HISS
Write with keyboard TYPE
Fitted with horseshoes SHOD
Jobless benefit DOLE
… & papa MAMA
Lion’s neck hair MANE
Detective, private … EYE
Repetitive strain injury (1,1,1) RSI
Tie the knot WED
Light brown TAN
Dump, get … of RID
Mend (socks) DARN
Bride’s face cover VEIL
Fish lung GILL
Smallgoods shop DELI
MPs’ districts ELECTORATES
Bright (future) ROSY
In existing condition (2,2) ASIS
Wolf’s cries HOWLS
Suitability APTNESS
Prescribed amount DOSE
Raise or elevator LIFT
Dame Nellie … MELBA
Liquid meal SOUP
Pathway puzzle MAZE
Clumsily or incompetently INEPTLY
Lead-in INTRO
Astern AFT
Projected arrival time (1,1,1) ETA
Rowdiest WILDEST
Abate (3,4) DIEDOWN
University composition ESSAY
Single things or objects ITEMS
… & her HIM
… liver oil COD
Male offspring SON
Ram’s mate EWE
Interferes MEDDLES
Without oxygen AIRLESS
Hearing organ EAR
Regret RUE
Stage performer ACTOR
Uses tea towel, … up DRIES
Wartime friend ALLY
Narrow part of bottle NECK
Calf flesh VEAL
Notion IDEA