Metro Crossword Answers December 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Ship’s docking place QUAY
Out for the count UNCONSCIOUS
Traded for cash SOLD
Charisma AURA
Russian ruler TSAR
Cleaning agent, caustic … SODA
The U of IOU YOU
Female chicken HEN
Item bid for at auction LOT
Aries zodiac symbol RAM
Nothing NIL
Be introduced to MEET
Flavour TASTE
Write by machine TYPE
Screwdriver or wrench TOOL
Story TALE
Short skirt MINI
Alternative OTHER
Kindred spirit, soul … MATE
Hotshot ACE
Cleopatra’s serpent ASP
Male swan COB
Ham & … soup PEA
Relate TELL
Carpenter’s spike NAIL
Assistant AIDE
Casual indifference NONCHALANCE
Revise (text) EDIT
Dangerous RISKY
Carrion eater VULTURE
Finishes ENDS
Belonging to you YOUR
Reserve, set … ASIDE
Affectionate peck KISS
Multiple-birth child QUAD
Generally USUALLY
Leavening agent YEAST
Automatic teller (1,1,1) ATM
Personal OWN
Fit & well HEALTHY
Chatters NATTERS
Agenda topics ITEMS
Tight-lipped MUM
As well TOO
Wheat spike EAR
Mother sheep EWE
Arresting NABBING
Submitted resume for job vacancy APPLIED
Make mistake ERR
Hatchet AXE
Smallest US coins CENTS
Equivalent EQUAL
Ward off AVERT
Cosmetics gel, … vera ALOE
Rifle recoil KICK
Group of players TEAM
Mix (drink) with poison LACE